The Misencik/Benson Group -
Communication is the key!!
One of the most common complaints we hear is that an agent "never answers the phone" or "they are so hard to get a hold of". This is not a problem for us! The Misencik/Benson Group are very easy to get hold of!! Call/text/email!!
                                                     WEBSITES, WEBSITES, WEBSITES!!!!
The Misencik/Benson Group are everywhere on the web today. From Howard, Trulia,, Front's website). We have our presence on just about every realty based home search site out there today! 90% of buyers today come from Internet based search engines.
                                                        Open houses...     
We hold open houses every 2-4 weeks depending on demand and attendance! We Put out  open house signs on Tuesday of the week of the open house and announce the time along with fliers. Note: Some areas are not conducive for open houses or the seller just doesn't want open houses. Our philosophy is to place a big net out there and have it cover all areas of marketing! 
                                    Customized Market Reports...
We set our clients up on a costomized market anaylas that gives the seller the understanding of the activity that is going on in the area that inturn affects the value of the home. We believe in keeping our sellers up to date on the current market in case a change needs to be made
                                       Howard Hanna Machine....
Howard Hanna sells a home every 15 minutes. 24 hours a day. 7 Days a week. The company sold 34,292 homes in 2011!!
Global exposure through the Howard Hanna website is a big asset to the company has over 1 Million buyers with access through 600 relocation web sites!
Howard Hanna is also linked to hundreds of real estate companies international who notify us of prospective buyers coming to town and help us match relocating clients with a Realtor in their destination city. 
Along with the Internet presence, Howard Hanna has numerous marketing tools that are second to none! As a company with over 1,100 agents we believe in working together for one goal, sell your home as fast as possible!! Just listed postcards, company wide open houses, tv shows, meetings to discuss new and upcoming listings and a mortgage company that can pre-qualify our buyers to help make the selling process as efficient as possible.
The Misencik/Benson Group looks all listings as our number one priority, no matter the size,price or location of the home. We treat all sellers the same just like family!
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