The Misencik/Benson Group -
                           Short Sales
Behind on payments?                              
Loss of job?
Change of income?
Job relocation?
                                                                   Out of control health care costs?
                  A "SHORT SALE" may be your best option!!
**SHORT SALE: by definition is when,due to a hardship,the homeowner can not afford their mortgage payments and are unable to sell the home because they owe more than the house is currently worth.
            FACT: Unlike the Misencik/Benson Group not all agents have the training or desire to handle the complexity of a short sale!                    
  The Misencik/Benson Group can help you with a difficult situation! We are experts in short sales and have an understanding in how they work and how banks deal with them. We both hold the Accredited short sale certification (SFR). That means we've taken the steps necessary in the classroom to understand the process and have the contacts to get to the proper channels with the lending institutions. Our Group has successfully completed dozens of short sales. 
  We understand how things happen in life that make paying your mortgage very difficult. It's NOT something to be ashamed of. The group handles everyone differently. As we guide the seller step by step through the process everything is completely confidential. Our goal is to place your stress on our shoulders!!
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